The Chair


Leaflet 1: Scene Breakdown

Leaflet 2: The Onstage Team


‘The Chair’— What do you imagine from this name?

On 28th April, our English Drama Team presented a drama, “The Chair”, at St. Edward's Catholic Primary School. “The Chair” is a play telling the history of an ordinary chair as it passes through the hands of its various owners — the honest, the dishonest, the humble and the regal.

We, Form 1-3 students, attended a drama course to learn more about how to act and play the roles before the presentation. In the course, we learnt how to paraphrase this story, control the voice and act on the stage.

We spent 2 months practising this drama. During that time, we sometimes had arguments but generally speaking we were all happy. When we forgot lines, Mr. Ng and Mr. Craig Cochrane (our drama tutor from New Zealand) were always around us. They always helped us to make improvements and supported us.

We would like to send our great thanks to our English teachers and our school for providing us with such an opportunity to enjoy the drama —‘The Chair’.

By Rocky Wan (2A)