P.6 Mock Interviews Much Welcomed

  P.6 Mock Interviews were held on 6th December and 13th December, with 480 parents and 630 P.6 students from 13 different schools attending.

  With the training and supervision of our teachers, 25 English Ambassadors were offered with an opportunity to enhance their language proficiency, both Chinese and English, by taking the role of being the interviewers in the mock interviews. In the mock interviews, there are four different parts, including a 1-minute self-introduction in English, reading aloud a passage and answering related questions in English, group discussion and individual response to social issues in Cantonese. Throughout the interviews, our professional teachers made constructive comments on the performance of the P.6 students with a criteria sheet given to the students for reference. A debriefing session was also conducted to the P.6 students to give feedbacks and advice on the interview skills they should acquire.

  Our students also had different kinds of performance to the parents while their children were having their interviews, including English drama, evangelization magic & band singing. Feedbacks from the audience were positive, appreciating students' performance and the preparation efforts.

  Participating in such a kind of mock interview is a better way than any others to prepare a P.6 student for the admission tests that could affect his/her future. The P.6 students found this event a valuable experience since they received valuable comments and advice throughout the process and they could finally put the skills they previously acquired into practice.

  In a word, both the participants and Choi Hung boys have got a precious and fruitful experience from the mock interviews.