@@"The Way We Were" is an old boy interview project. The first book "The Way We Were", researched and written by 3A English students, was a project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School. The Second book, "The Way We Were II" was researched and written by forty-one students from Form 3 to Form 7. It was published in 2008. We are happy to announce that the printing of "The Way We Were III" has finished and it would be released soon.

@@Below is the sharing from our NET teacher, Ms Leila Weston:


@@I inherited this English project from Ms. Ernestine Arnold, the previous NET. She started this project back on 2005 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School. It was only fitting that we continue with The Way We Were III to celebrate the 45th anniversary of CHECSS.

@@This was a true English learning adventure. I chose students from Form 2 to Form 7 based on their ability to speak, to listen to and to write English. By pairing up a junior student with a senior student, the senior students became the mentors to the junior students. The project required that they utilize their speaking, listening and writing skills. This was a challenge for our boys, especially the younger students who do not have much experienced at speaking English. Their second challenge was to listen to their recordings and transcribe what they heard into written English. Finally, using their transcriptions, they wrote their articles.

@@As the facilitator of this project, I attended many of the interviews with the old boys and listened to the many stories they had to tell. All of these old boys had great stories to share and they all spoke with pride about their days at CHECSS. What really impressed me was how they held their teachers in such high regard. Each old boy had a valuable lesson to give our CHECSS students. Our boys learnt that if they might not be great at academics, they might be great at athletics. Either way, if they work hard, they can achieve their goals.

@@Even though this project is a bit difficult for some of our boys, they overcame their fear of speaking English with a successful CHECSS old boy and they all did an excellent job. I am very proud of them. I am very proud of the old boys as well. They have made a difference in the lives of our young students today. They represent all the best that Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School has to offer its students.


Leila Weston