Mock Interview with Alumni

person in charge: Ms Tsang Pui Ki

In order to equip our S6 students with better interviewing skills and a higher probability of admitting to universities, the Old Boys Association and the Academic Committee have joined hands to organise mock interviews on 17th December, 2011. There are totally 15 old boys devoting their personal time to be the mock interviewers voluntarily and about 40 students benefiting from the mock interviews.


All students have found the mock interviews useful and fruitful in which they have been provided opportunities to attempt both individual response and group discussions in English and Chinese. They do not only have enhanced their interviewing skills, but more importantly, they have also gained a lot of personal experience sharing and practical suggestions from our old boys. The Mock Interview is not just an activity for the students to prepare better for the university interviews, it is also a golden opportunity to strengthen the sense of belongings of our students to the school and the relationship between different generations of our Choi Hung boys.